E.R.S.C General Club Rules and Information


* No Boats on the water without a current COF (To be shown to gate keeper on entry)
* No boat on water without Valid Skippers Licence (To be shown on entry at gate)
* Children under 12 years to wear Life Jackets at all times while on a boat
* All Skiers and Tubers must wear life Jackets
* Red flag to be used when a Person or Rope is in the water 
* No Loud Music allowed
* Adhere to direction of Travel (Anti Clockwise)
* Do not enter No Go Area (Northern Tip of Dam)
* Respect the No Wake Zone ( Approx 15 metres from Jetties)
* Do not Abuse Alcohol or Drive a Boat while Drinking
* Committee Members and Management can at their discretion ask you to leave if :-
  Rules are not adhered to or Conflict arises.
* Membership can also be terminated for transgression of Rules.


* E.R.S.C. and or its committee and or official's will not be held liable for any damages
and or injury or losses of whatsoever nature, to any person and or their goods.
eg: boat, trailer, vehicle, personal belongings. This indemnity also includes such damage
and or injury or loss, incurred whilst enjoying and using the dam and it's facilities.

If such damage, loss or injury was caused by any person on the premises whether lawfully
or unlawfully. when signing the day visitors register you hereby accept full responsibility
for any loss, injury and damage incurred by yourself and or any person in your group.
* Entry to these premises is at your own risk
* No Glass allowed in Pool Area
* Children Under 12 are to be accompanied by an adult while in Pool Area
* Sundays and Public Holidays are for Members Only
* Ask at the gate for a Form if you would like to join as a Member
* Day Visitors  are limited to three visits only per year or boating season thereafter you       have  to join the club 
  for Additional People there is a extra Charge 
* Only one boat per Member or Day Visitor Group
* No Fishing Allowed at all, Please report fishing to Committee member

* Valid Membership Card to be shown at gate before entry
     * Membership not Transferable  (Cannot be used by anyone else)
                                           * Adhere to Boating Times for On and Off the water 
                                            * Committee Members are on Duty on Weekends

                                            * The person on Duty at the gate will be able to give you a phone
                                                   number of a Committee Member or Club Manager on request.

                                           *  REMEMBER   Its is the Skipper who is responsible for his Boat                                                                           and people on it.  Please be aware of Lightning and Bad Weather    

                                                                             N.S.R.I. are on Duty at the Dam from time to time

                                                  Right of Admission is Reserved