Some Safety Tips When Skiing, Wake-Boarding or Boating

Water skiing is a team effort between the towboat operator, observer and skier, Wake Boarder or Tuber
Boat Operator and Observer

  • It's the law! Always have two people in the boat, one to operate the boat, one to observe the skier.

  • Remain seated while the boat is in motion.

  • Watch your speed. Going too fast can cause injuries when a skier or Tuber falls. 

  • Stay away from shallow water, swimming areas and people in the water. Stay away from solid objects (other Boats, Buoys or Debris).

  • Return immediately to pick up a fallen skier. Turn off the engine when assisting the skier into the boat.

Skier DOs

  • Do... wear an approved personal flotation device, even if you are a good swimmer.

  • Do... wear properly fitted bindings. Check your equipment for loose or damaged parts.

  • Do... learn and use the water skier hand signals.

  • Do... ski only during daylight hours, never at night.

  • Do... watch the water ahead of you at all times. Run parallel to the shore, and come in slowly when landing.

  • Do... avoid falling forward when you fall. Signal the towboat that all is well by clasping your hands over your head, or hold up your ski vertically. Continue to hold up your ski so that you can be seen by other boats.

  • Do... learn new stunts progressively.

Skier DON'Ts

  • Don't... yell "Go" until the rope is tight.

  • Don't... wrap your rope around any part of your body.

  • Don't... put any part of your body (arm, leg, neck) through the bridle.

  • Don't... ski directly ahead or to the side of another boat.

  • Don't... ski doubles with different lengths of ropes.

  • Don't... attempt a fast landing directly towards jetties or ramps. Sit down if coming in too fast.

Weather Warnings

Keep your eye on the weather, and go back to the jetties if the skies start to darken or you hear thunder. Your chances of being struck by lightning greatly increases if you are on the water.

  • Lightning strikes at the highest projection. If an electrical storm with thunder and lightning is approaching, head for the jetties immediately.

  • Stay away from high points like trees, metal objects, metal poles or wire fences.

  • Seek shelter in a vehicle or building if possible. 

Substance Abuse

Do not Operate a Boat or attempt to ski, wakeboard or tube when you have been drinking or taken any medication.